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Come play bingo and support our swim team too!

Hillside Swim Team just completed their 64th swim team season. Our team got second place at the state swim meet.

Our Sunday bingo session is held at the Greeley/Evans Moose Lodge at 3456-11th Ave and is open to the public!

Late afternoon session get home before dark. Play all games for as little as $9.00. Children 6 and older are welcome and must play a packet.  Doors open at 2, selling of packets at 3pm and games begin at 4pm.

Snack bar available! No outside food or drink allowed.

Bingo Games have a total payout of $1,500. Pickle games are also available.

Event games each card is $1.00.

Payouts are $500 for the top winner and down to $25 for hold winners.


Titles of event games:

Derby 600 has 2 winners 1 winner at $500, and 1 winner at $100.

Race Horse Downs has Red, White, and Blue winners @ $250, $175, $75, and 5 hold winners at $25 each. 

Pink Panther $100-$500

Dabit games have different prize amounts $280 and up to $700 depending on which game we play.

Progressive Jackpot is worth more than $2,000 (10/8/2023) in 54 numbers or less. Each week the amount goes up. If the game continues to 55 numbers the game will be worth $350

Electronic bingo is available! Come early to check out our packages.

Bronco Sunday-If the Broncos are playing during our session bring your phone/tablet and watch the game. When the Broncos Score will have drawings for a free prize!

Fun video from Hillside Pool


Peace and calm at Hillside Pool one evening 2020


An eerie ending to the 2020 season. Photo taken 9/7/2020 between 1:30 and 1:45pm. Smoke from Cameron Peak fire and ash falling throughout the day.

     Hillside Pool

Since 1959, Hillside Pool has been a great place for families to spend their summers in Greeley, Colorado!

A  terrific place to swim and play with old friends and new ones. A friendly staff who knows you, your children, and their swimming abilities.  We have the largest fenced in baby pool in town. Our barbecue grill is available to use with friends and family while you test your aerial skills on our diving board. We offer open swim, swim lessons, a place for parties and get togethers, and a swim team. There is something for everyone at Hillside Pool!


We offer swim lessons for the young 2 year olds in preschool up to level 5 for our more advanced swimmers. Early sign up early to make sure your swimmer has a spot

We have a great swim team. The greatest compliment we can have is when the kids are sad at the end of the season and can't wait to come back next year. 

Hillside is open Saturday of Memorial Weekend through Labor Day. We have long open swim times so everyone in your family can enjoy swimming as a family.

Reserve tables for your pool party! We have two covered areas that we will reserve tables for you and your guests.

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