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Join the Pool

When you join Hillside Pool you find yourself in a pool with room to move in. We are not crowded shoulder to shoulder like the city pools. You find yourself at a place where the guards know your name and your children's names. Our pool is the perfect place to bring friends, fire up the grill, and just relax. It's a  perfect place for your child's birthday party. We have a fenced-in baby pool. It is the largest baby pool in the city. There is no better way to spend the hot days of summer than in the clear, cool water at Hillside. Part of our community since 1959.


 Membership Prices 2024

Family $385

Couple $280

Single $195

Senior $85



CASHLESS- Hillside Pool is basically cashless each summer. We prefer you pay your membership dues with your credit card.  We will still take checks and cash if that is how you want to pay. If you prefer to pay with a check or cash please come in once the pool opens on May ___ (spring clean-up day) TBA or once we open on May 27, 2023, and pay in person. You may use your credit card to pay for concessions, guest fees,  and party fees as well. (We do enjoy working with the kids when they pay cash for their concessions.)



A family for membership is defined as at least 1 adult (head of household) who is the sole source of income for those listed on the membership.  Examples of a family for a membership: Parent(s) and their children, Grandparents with grandchildren living with them.   Those not of a single family: Adults living in one house and their grown children living in another house.  Rental of a room within your house. Those renting the room need their own membership. 


GUEST CARDS: Members can pre-buy guest passes 10 for $25.00. This is a savings of .50 cents per visit as a guest. Guests must be accompanied by a member.

CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION: When paying by CC at the snack bar you must pay at least $5.00. If you want a $1.00 treat we will sell you a concession card and you will have $4.00 left to use on it the next time you come. The $1.00 transactions don't work anymore with the increased processing fees and transaction fee that goes with each purchase now. (Transaction fee went up 4 times what it used to be).

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